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App reviewed on App review sites

On the internet, there are many Android app review sites that write primarily about the applications they feel are useful for their visitors, and the visitors pay for app reviews. Now in order to remain ahead of the competition, it is understandable that they would write about the new trending applications for free. 

So if your product is not special in most situations, then you can pitch the app reviewing websites where you have to pay for app reviews with an offer that may not simply be just the money, but may also be a barter. But it’s important to find a list of such websites first and then give them a customised pitch to request coverage of the apps.

Before shortlisting an App review platform, it is recommended that you consider the following factors:

  • Make sure that the website has a decent readership, and using the Alexa traffic app, you can easily find this out.
  • Verify the demographics of the traffic that they collect. 
  • By taking a look at blog comments, number of social shares, and other variables, see whether readers are engaged.

*Why Rating and Reviews are important:-

Apple and Google have placed ratings right next to the icon and title of an app, offering users a simple way to assess the quality of the app. It is doubtful that people will download an app that does not have at least three stars, so developers are encouraged to get the highest possible rating and have to pay for app reviews

This mechanism, though mostly effective, breaks down in a few places. A lot of non-developers on beta operating systems, for instance, might complain that a specific app doesn’t fit on their computer. You’ll even hear people blame an app for something not their fault, such as blaming an alarm app for not going off, even though the battery of the phone died.

A press release writing and delivery is one of the traditional pieces of an app marketing campaign. Since owners of app review sites receive a flood of applications to review and have to pay for app reviews, they review several press releases that are attached to a standard pitch for app review. As with any details cut from the same sort of fabric, press releases stop invoking a response and trigger apps they introduce to be tossed away.

App ratings show the users’ “grade” given to the app. Users can rate an app from 1 to 5 stars, and on the product page and search results, the overall average rating of the app is shown. App reviews are the feedback of users typically detailing their private impressions, such as what they enjoy most about the app, their grievances, or enhancement suggestions.

Despite the many variables in ASO, app ratings and feedback are important. If an app has better scores, the app stores consider it more important and would therefore have a higher ranking, and the user therefore need to pay for the app reviews. The ratings and feedback help to improve the conversion rate, which is the proportion of users using the app.

Factors and patterns according to the App Store Optimization: Expert Survey 2019 by TheTool after screenshots and icons, ratings are the third most significant conversion rate factor in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In addition, the Apptentive survey shows that ratings and feedback impact the decisions of consumers to download or buy an app. Users think that app reviews are so good that 96% of them will consider installing a 4-star app. 50 percent would consider installing a 3-star app, and only 15 percent would select a ranking for a 2-star app.