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Launching on Fri December 14

It’s involved plenty of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point but we’re now set for launch of the new Memory Jar app this Friday December 14. If you’ve followed us over the last couple of months you’ll know we’ve got some exciting new features and a slick new design coming in the new app to help you capture more amazing family memories.

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For the launch we’ve put together a short 1 minute video to really highlight some of the cool parts of the new Memory Jar. Watch it here or go to Vimeo to watch in HD.

Of course, a big thanks goes out to our beta testers and others who have provided input along the way. You’ve all been a great help and I sure hope you love the final result as well.

Stay tuned for the launch on Friday! Existing users will see the update prompt come up in their iPhones so you won’t miss it.