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Another peek into the new Memory Jar

Another peek into the new Memory Jar

In our last blog post, we gave you the first sneak peek at the new memory jar (in particular the new Home and Add Memory screens). We hope you loved the new look and now it’s time to share some exciting new changes to how your family memories are presented and shared.

One of the main goals for the new app was to create a way to not just store your memories but also to share them with friends and family in a beautiful new way. That’s why you’ll notice the new presentation with photos and memory details displayed in a ‘card’-like format. Check it out…

Viewing memories

The front of the new 'card' format for viewing family memories

This new screen in the app has been purpose-built for viewing your family memories. It’s made to be an attractive (and interactive) way of looking through your memories. The main highlight here is the new display which presents your photos in the format of a card with the date and title shown on the front. More than 1 photo? Just swipe to flick through and view the others.

A nice thing about this format is that you’ll be able to share any memory really easily to your friends and family (via email, Twitter or Facebook which are integrated into the app).

But what’s really cool (we think anyway) is the way you ‘flip’ the card over to see the details of your memory shown on the back.

New 'card' format for viewing family memories (details on back)

Just like in the ‘old days’ you used to write some notes (date, location, activity, people etc) on the back of your prints, with the new Memory Jar app when you ‘flip’ over a memory card you get the details shown on the back. Here you’ll get the detailed description plus we’ve also added the ability to see the age of your family members (by setting up their birthdays in their profiles).

So, not only will you get a new tool for turning your family photos into something so much more but you’ll automatically record exactly how old your kids were at the time.

Photo browsing

The new and updated photo browsing mode

With the updated browsing mode you’ll get a really nice photo-based view to quickly flick through your photo memories. Quickly filter by family members at the top and then the photos from all of their memories are shown in the tiled display below.

It creates a really nice way of remembering all the fun and interesting things your family has been up to. And of course, tapping a photo will take you straight to the full memory like we showed you above.