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Few Tricks for The Best Use of App Store Optimization

With over millions of apps in the app store and millions more on the way, we see a huge development in the mobile app market. It is highly impossible for a new app to make it among the already existing apps in the app stores. Developing an app and uploading it to the app store is one part of the journey, where the next part comes in marketing it in order to reach the target audience and gain downloads. To get downloads, your app should be visible to the potential users and the ones who are searching related to your app top app store optimization company . The best way to gain visibility is through App Store Optimization.

Let us see what is App Store Optimization and how it helps your app visible in the app store:

Wondering What App Store Optimization?

ASO seems familiar, isn’t it? Yes, you must be thinking of SEO at the moment. App Store Optimization is done for the search optimization for apps in the app store. It works on increasing the visibility of an app in order to get more downloads. Keep in mind that it requires a sustained effort to be successful. While app store rankings depend on metadata like keywords, description, ratings, and reviews there’s more to ASO than that. You also need to consider how keywords rank in each app category. It utilizes a number of tools to get your app visible in front of users. You can get all kind of optimization tools from the best app store optimization services in order to increase the downloads for your app.

Few factors that help App Store Optimization:

A Good Keyword Research

Keywords are the user’s input in the app store’s search bar and apps that include those words in their description are displayed taking relevance and ranking in to considerations. Users are usually looking for a specific solution for the problems they are facing. About 65% of the apps are discovered in the app store, so it’s important to make sure your keywords are trending and most relevant to your app.

Brainstorm a few of the keywords that are closely related to your app, think you are a user and what you would search if you are finding your own app. Come up with all the possibilties, take note of the autofill search terms in the app store search bar. Find the keywords that have more traffic to your app and work on optimizing it in order to get more users to your app.

Optimizing App Metadata

App’s metadata includes Title, Icon, Desription, Screenshots and preview videos.

Your app’s Title is the name of your app and it is how your users remember your product by. The title will have more weight in ranking your app and is the one thing you shouldn’t change. Your app name will turn into a brand name in no time and users tend to remember and share your app with the same name, therefore, your app’s title should always remain the same.

The Subtitle is where you add your potential keywords, as your app’s subtitle ranks in keyword searches. It will be like a app tagline which depicts the main function of your app and tells users what exactly your app does.

Your app’s Description should be compelling and interactive enough to sell your app to the users. Make sure your description is concise, easy to read, and entertaining enough so that your users will find interest in your app.

The Videos and Screenshots of your app serves a small demo of your app. It gives the basic introduction of your app and what users might expect when they download your app. Make the screenshots interactive, localize it in order to reach more users. They help you to communicate visually your app’s main benefits and functions.

App Store Optimization is not something you do once, it’s a process a continuous process. Always test your assumptions, experiment and keep what’s working. When it comes to improving your app’s ranking on the app store, don’t hesitate to take help. There are a number of best app store optimization services that provide you with all the tools that are necessary for optimizing your app and see an increase in the number of downloads as you practice ASO.