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The Ultimate Guide to Get Huge Influx of Users to Mobile App

With over millions of apps getting introduced to the world, we see a huge development of the app market. Smartphones have a huge impact on people’s day to day life. People use a smartphone for almost everything, from taking a selfie to making their important payments online. This has entertained app publishers to drive more apps into the app stores and the same has created a huge competition among all the similar apps in the app stores.

Today, most of the apps are apps are mainly targeted at building everlasting connections with their users. Users who love an app, those with a lot of engagement on a regular basis are more likely to rate, leave some positive comments, recommend, and pay for its services. A highly engaged user base is invaluable to your app’s success buy app reviews 2021.

So how get an app with more flow of users and keep it engaged all the time? One that engages them, delights them, and keeps them coming back for more? It’s all about delivering optimized experiences at every single step users make using your app. There are few app marketing skills that are being used to keep an app engaged with more traffic of users. We have one such method that is used and proved to give more efficient results to help an app get a high rate of success.

The process is called ASO,

App store optimization

It is a process of increasing the discoverability of an app over all the other apps through a few conventional background optimizations. This process has been proven to give the best results which had a great impact on

How to A/B Test Your Mobile App

The mobile A/B testing is the process of making several controlled experiment while comparing one or more variations of an app against the original. It is focussed on improving a specific metric, such as install taps, engagement, or in-app purchases. The experiment is transferred to a selected portion of the application’s install base. App users are randomly distributed between the original and variation experiences without knowing they are part of a test. Once a statistically significant difference in user behavior emerges, the results of each variation are compared to determine which metric performed the best against a benchmark.

App publishers who focus on experience optimization can work more quickly and efficiently than ever before. After collecting information about the app audience, they can apply immediate changes to their app, without waiting on the app store review processor and other barriers. Testing and optimization make sure that team members focus their time building experiences that are proven to convert. Plus, it’s easy to demonstrate return on investment (ROI), because tests are created with a quantifiable goal in mind and results are easy to track and measure.

Let us see the effect of the above testing and what are actions to be taken after this.

Some of the app publishers buy app reviews to optimize their app. These app marketing experts who specialise in ASO have produced few important ASO activities that focus on stats to help developers and marketers prioritize their time and effort spent on the ASO activities.

The most useful ASO actions that have influenced mobile apps to shine over all the other apps in app stores are:

Optimizing Title and App name:

This is the main and important feature of the app because it is the first thing users see and it is the first interaction of the user. The capability of the App Title (Google Play) or App Name (App Store) to boost rankings is incomparable to other listing elements, and it’s also easy to do.

Optimizing the search

Optimizing for search is the first step in any ASO strategy. Apart from App Name/Title, there are other elements that have a high impact on app store search rankings. For iOS apps, there is a Keywords field, and for Android apps Short and Full Description. Optimizing for search requires thorough Keyword Research. To select keywords for an app, you need to take into account their traffic size. The best way is to select mid and long-tail keywords, the keyword combinations with a good amount of search requests and less competition.

App Store Optimization is a complex process and will yield your app a great amount of success. When you buy app reviews from a company to perform ASO, be very careful and smart to choose the right and reliable one. For more details visit